Volunteer as a Project Manager

Pacific Legal Education and Outreach Society – Legal Self-Assessment Tool Digital Platform Development

Organisation: Pacific Legal Education and Outreach Society

Location: Vancouver, BC

Closing Date: November 8, 2019

The Organization

For 15 years the Pacific Legal Education and Outreach Society (PLEO) has been operating two programs: The Artists’ Legal Outreach (ALO) and the Law for Non Profits (LFNP). The ALO is a pro bono summary legal advice clinic for artists and arts organizations. The Law for Non Profits program is designed to provide accessible and accurate legal information, education and advice to BC’s 27,000 non profit organizations.

LFNP provides legal information, education and advice to non profits by offering workshops, webinars, web tools, FAQs and volunteer law students. LFNP builds confidence and capacity in non profits, empowering them to strengthen their own procedural and legal /policy systems and avoid future legal crises. We have learned, from experience and the direct feedback of those that we serve (lawfornonprofits.ca/resources), that there are (known and unknown) legal capacity gaps in internal organizational systems, and that many of these gaps are often only revealed when a conflict arises.

Organization Mission

Our purposes are:

  1. To advance public legal education by providing structured learning courses, instructional seminars, structured workshops, and classes to members of the public on legal issues including but not limited to employment, human rights, privacy, and Societies Act compliance.
  2. To address and prevent specific problems by operating a legal clinic that provides legal advice to low-income artists in British Columbia.
  3. To advance education by operating a pro bono legal clinic and providing clinical legal experience and training to law students in British Columbia.

Project Summary

The current long-standing web-based Legal Self-assessment tool (LSAT) www.lawfornonprofits.ca/lsat, re-inforces our workshop content and the Ask a Law Student service and enables a non profit to ask follow up questions. Organizational strength and legal capacity is built internally with staff, volunteers and board.

The project will upgrade the current LSAT tool into a more comprehensive “smart” digital platform; LSAT 2.0.

Project Objectives

Develop an enhanced digital self-assessment platform that will enable BC’s non profits to assess their organizations policies, processes and procedures to ensure operations are compliant with provincial law.

Required Qualifications

  • Seven years project management experience, 3-4 of which would be in information technology
  • Expertise in planning out web-based software development initiatives, through to implementation
  • Experience with conducting RFP processes for IT products and services
  • Excellent communication and organization skills
  • Experience with not-for-profit sector is desirable

Estimated Time Commitment

  • 4 to 6 hours/week

Start Date: November 8, 2019                                                   End Date: September 30, 2019

Scope of Work

  • Finalize new system requirements
  • Search and management of software development resources
  • Utilization of “guided pathways” platform to develop LSAT 2.0
  • Incorporation of four to eight content modules into new LSAT


  1. Project Charter including at minimum; project organization and structure, vision, roles & responsibilities with RACI, constraints, communications plan
  2. Upgraded LSAT requirements from PLEO team
  3. Development of Request for Proposal (RFP) Document
  4. Management of RFP Process
  5. Project Plan that includes work breakdown structure, resource requirements, schedule, testing plan, training and post-migration plan.


The PM volunteer will have end-end accountability on project deliverables, reporting to David Barroqueiro, Legal Technology Coordinator.


The Legal Technology Coordinator will provide a letter of recommendation to the PM volunteer at the successful conclusion of the project and serve as a reference if appropriate.

How to Apply

Please apply with a cover letter indicating why you are interested in supporting the Canadian Mental Health Association of BC on this project and why you feel your skill set and experience would make you a good match for this project, along with a detailed resume to:

David Barroqueiro, Legal Technology Coordinator
Email: dave.barroqueiro@gmail.com

Please send a copy of your application package to Project Management Volunteers c/o:

Peter Mulholland, PM-Volunteers Client Relationship Manager
Email: peter.mulholland@pmv.org

The organization may proceed with interviewing and engaging applicants before the application deadline.

NOTE: We may consider a team approach of a senior/junior project manager. We encourage junior project managers who are interested in acquiring experience to apply. Any such arrangement will be contingent on agreement by the client and the applicants.