Volunteer as a Project Manager

Project Manager: Planning of an HVAC system in the tape storage

Organisation: VIVO Media Arts Centre

Location: Vancouver

Closing Date: June 10, 2017

Organization’s Mission: VIVO Media Arts Centre was incorporated in 1973 as the Satellite Video Exchange Society. It operated the first video exchange library, and was one of the earliest international video centers and Canadian artist-run centers. VIVO’s mandate is to offer a broad range of services and opportunities to artists and the public.

VIVO’s mission is to directly support artists and independent community-based producers to develop, exchange, and disseminate their skills in a supportive environment through accessible services and programs. We envision a robust, diverse, and vibrant media arts sector: a catalyst for critical and innovative engagement with the material forms and cultural meanings of media and technology.


VIVO Media Arts Centre’s facilities include 600 square feet of tape storage, housing Western Canada’s foremost repository of videotapes by artists and independent producers. VIVO is seeking a project manager to lead the first phase of a two-phase project to install an HVAC system in the tape storage room. In the first phase, the requirement needs to be clearly documented for example, complying with industry standards for optimal preservation of tape, considering temperature and relative humidity (RH), defining needed resources and material and calculating cost considering provided budget. Planning the first phase of this project is essential for a successful implantation in the 2nd phase of the project.



  • Create a Project Plan, including requirements, feasibility, scope of work and risk assessment considering available budget
  • Identify obstacles which might cause scope/budget or time creep
  • Make sure meeting Industry Standards and City of Vancouver building code
  • Identify and obtain all necessary permits
  • Establish criteria for vendors, invite bids from vendors, and assess vendor bids for feasibility and correspondence with scope of work, industry standards and City of Vancouver building code

Required Qualifications:

  • Project Management experience, preferred experience with public sector or non-for profit
  • Strong negotiation skills and communication skills

Ability to understand the requirement in cooperation with assigned Vivo team member and what needed to be successful in the first phase of the project

Estimated Time Commitment:  50 – 70 hours over the course of the project.

Expected Start Date: June 15th, 2017      Expected End Date: October 31th

Scope of Work:    

The Project Manager will work with VIVO Media Arts Centre staff to create a project plan that considers the focus areas, requirements, resources, budget, obstacles, needed permit and stakeholder plan. The project manager will provide status updates to report the progress and discuss challenges needs to be discussed and resolved.


  1. Written assessment of the current situation arising from interviews and analysis of current needs.
  2. Project Charter including Objectives, Scope, Budget, Risk, Roles & Responsibilities
  3. Recommendation(s)/proposal for of technical expertise/skills needed to execute the second phase of the project.
  4. Project Plan (including but not limited to a schedule, resource plan, risk analysis, and implementation plan)
  5. Assistance during implementation to ensure consistency of project charter and other related project documentations and assigned action items.
  6. Support throughout the project

Accountability: Julia Aoki, Interim General Manager

Benefits: VIVO will provide a letter of recommendation at the successful conclusion of the project, and serve as a reference if appropriate.

Contact: Julia Aoki,

Phone: 604.872.8337, ext.4

Fax: 604.876.1185

E-Mail: admin@vivomediaarts.com

 How to Apply: Submit your resume and cover letter to Julia Aoki with a copy to PM-Volunteers Client Relationship Manager, Atusa Aschury atusa.aschury@pmv.org.

Deadline for Applications: June 10, 2017

NOTE: This project may be suitable for being managed by a senior/junior team of two project managers. We encourage junior project manager who are interested in acquiring experience to apply. Any such arrangement will be contingent on agreement by the client and the applicants.