Volunteer as a Project Manager

Project Manager: System integration Plan

Organisation: ONE TO ONE

Location: Vancouver

Closing Date: February 22, 2018

Organization’s Mission:

ONE TO ONE is a unique children’s literacy program that provides one-to-one tutoring to children in elementary schools during regular school hours. With the support of a trained volunteer tutor, students have the opportunity to practice their reading in an environment where it is okay to take risks, make mistakes, and learn at their own pace.

Since 1989, ONE TO ONE has supported thousands of children from diverse communities in the Vancouver area and across the province. Their literacy program helps children grow into proficient readers, and encourages them to discover the special joy that reading a good book can bring.


ONE TO ONE uses Salesforce, a customer relationship platform (CRM) to capture and manage volunteer Information. In an effort to streamline the scheduling process and increase efficiencies, while ensuring a simple and clear process for school coordinators and volunteers, ONE TO ONE has decided to test and implement Signup.com, a scheduling software for nonprofits. Currently, the process of matching each of 365+ vetted volunteers with one of 116+ schools for one of 10 possible shifts is done manually.  Implementing Signup.com should help to eliminate much of this manual process.

Desired completion date is August 2018.


  • Create a Project Plan, including requirements, scope of work, needed resources and tools, budget and risk assessment in cooperation with the team
  • Identify obstacles, technical issues which might cause scope/budget or time creep
  • Support the team to understand their assigned tasks and assist them with executing the project
    • Analyze the current system
    • Determine the requirements to implement the new system
    • Define needed steps to implement the systems
    • Lead the team to execute the defined tasks
    • Identify work flow and work processes affected by introduction of new system
    • Implement changes to work flow and processes to take into account new system

Required Qualifications:

  • Ability to understand the requirements and what needed to be done to be successful
  • Experience with CRM or scheduling software implementation is desired
  • Strong team leading skills and communication skills
  • Affinity for the cause of children’s literacy

Estimated Time Commitment:  60-80 hours over the course of the project.

Expected Start Date: Feb 26th, 2018          Expected End Date: August 2018

Scope of Work:    

The Project Manager will work with ONE TO ONE team to create a project plan that considers the focus areas, requirements, resources, tools, budget and obstacles. The Project Manager will provide status updates to report the progress and discuss challenges needs to be discussed and resolved.


  1. Assessment of the current situation and identify the requirements.
  2. Recommendation(s)/proposal for best practices based on availability of technical expertise.
  3. Project Charter including Objectives, Scope, Budget, Risk, Roles & Responsibilities.
  4. Project Plan (including but not limited to a schedule, resource plan, risk analysis, and implementation plan).
  5. Assistance during implementation to ensure assigned tasks get done as planned.
  6. Support throughout the project.

Accountability: Josée Thibault, Executive Director


ONE TO ONE will provide a letter of recommendation at the successful conclusion of the project, and serve as a reference if appropriate.


Josée Thibault, Executive Director

ONE TO ONE Literacy Society, www.one-to-one.ca

Tel: 604-255-5559

How to Apply:

Submit your resume and cover letter to Josée Thibault with a copy to PM-Volunteers Client Relationship Manager, Atusa Aschury atusa.aschury@pmv.org.