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YMCA Mental Health Pilot Program

Image: © Trevor Meier for YMCA of Greater Vancouver

“I cannot say enough positive things about my experience working with our two volunteer PM’s. PMV made it very easy to post the position and to facilitate next steps with our project. Our project was very successful and it was largely due to the organization, directedness and expertise of our volunteer PM’s in ensuring we were always on task, mitigating and planning for risk, and staying on budget. Our volunteer PM’s were not only highly skilled and knowledgeable, but also very fun to work with and were passionate about our project idea. This has been such a positive experience for me and I hope to continue to work with PMV to hire volunteer PM’s in the future.” – Elizabeth Sabine, Director Community Health, YMCA

Note that the YMCA has since run 3 more projects sponsored by PMV!


“The program is now being made operational which means that the YMCA is allocating funds to staff and schedule the program regularly.   Big time win.  Support for people without a lot of resources to get help.” – Ann Louise Filbert, Volunteer Project Manager.

“Volunteering with the team at YMCA was a great experience. I would recommend volunteering through PMV.” – David Horan, Volunteer Project Manager


Youth Mindfulness Group Pilot Program


The YMCA of Greater Vancouver is dedicated to strengthening the foundations of communities. They provide a safe, welcoming place where they nurture every kid to reach his or her full potential.


In October 2014, the YMCA turned to PMV for help in leading the generation of a project plan and providing general project management for organizing and conducting mental health support workshops for youth suffering from anxieties.


Over the next eight months, volunteer Project Managers Ann Louise Filbert (ALF) and David Horan worked with the initiators of the project to plan, create and ultimately bring to life two, six-week pilot programs. The two PMs work on the project, totaling 150 volunteer hours, included: Funding Application, Project Planning, Budgeting, Status Reporting, Risk Management Planning, Presentations, Creation of Program Materials and Documentation, Creation of a Marketing Plan and Materials, Research and more.


The project resulted in the successful creation and execution of two Youth Mindfulness workshops, along with the generation of supporting research and the recruitment of community partners. The success of this pilot program resulted in its operationalization for the YMCA, with more workshops having taken place since and funding applications for future extension of the program.