Project Management for non-profits and Social profit organizations

We enable non-profit and social profit organizations to be more successful through our project services, workshops, and advisory services.

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Testimonial #5

“Our present IT project with PMV is going extremely well. David has played an invaluable role in helping us define the scope of our project and also helping us find a highly qualified IT Project Manager who has exactly the skills that we needed. This project is going to be a game changer for us.”

Joyce Alisharan
Chair of the Board, Chimo Community Services

Testimonial #4

“Working with a professional project manager was a revelation! The Digital Non-profit conference has grown beyond what one person could properly manage. Our Volunteer Project Manager helped us establish new committees with clearly defined mandates and responsibilities, and then ensured that everyone was on track. We also have a Project Plan template that will be reused for future events. The true sign of success was the fact that I was able to take the Saturday before the conference completely off!”

Elijah van der Giessen
NetSquared Vancouver

Testimonial #3

“The Volunteer Project Manager did a lot in helping us review our current system and also to connect to new social media platforms. I think this lead to a better volunteer recruitment than in past years.”

Sara Shaw
Burnaby Neighborhood House

Testimonial #2

“There are many disciplines involved and the PMV program and our Volunteer Project Manager helped us to understand that idea and process.  She also helped us to understand that a good plan can help with risk analyses but does not guarantee success. She also helped us to understand that we have to get the right people behind the project and that we need to account for continuing change, it is an inevitable part of planning today.”

Samaneh Badiei
HR MacMillian Space Centre

Testimonial #1

“What seemed to be impossible before was made possible. Helped the forward motion of change. Got past the fear of change. Change became data driven.”

Maya Dimapilis
Jewish Family Services