The team at Sea Smart is enthusiastic and passionate about nature’s oceans. They develop innovative educational programs that empower our youths. They deliver workshops that pique children’s curiosity by making them fun and informative. The engaging curriculum helps our young generation learn about issues threatening our oceans.  

PM Volunteers (PMV) is a West Coast Canadian organization that facilitates project management expertise for the nonprofit sector. It services nonprofits across tactical and strategic projects. PMV’s offerings are deploying project managers, change managers, and delivering PM advice for a wide range of charity-based projects. 

Sea Smart and PM Volunteers partnered in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Both organizations worked on turning Sea Smart’s traditional in-person programs into a virtual one. Shifting Sea Smart’s program to online delivery was a project described as ‘monumental’:

  • Kids had to be engaged virtually
  • School boards had to ensure program compliance
  • Sea Smart had to promote a new campaign to encourage families to enroll their children. 

It was a lot of work, but it all paid off, as now Sea Smart has a suite of online opportunities for parents and children to choose from! 

The most beneficial outcomes in Sea Smart’s partnership with PMV was a ’how-to’ roadmap and pocket full of new ideas. The Sea Smart’s team look forward to piloting and implementing more great ideas gained from working with PMV.