Vancouver Tap Dance Society

Success Story:

Are you a Tap Dance fan? Did you know that The Vancouver International Tap Dance Festival has been bringing together tap dance artists for 20 years?  

Every summer, the Tap Dance Festival is held in Vancouver and lasts for 7 days. The Vancouver Tap Dance Society asked PMV for help in organizing this major event involving more than 70 artists. Martine Janicki, PMV’s volunteer senior project manager, contributed to the smooth implementation of the annual international event and provided a management tool that can be used in future years.  

Martine was interested in this project because she is a big fan of dancing. She wanted to escape from her usual engineering industry and expose her skills in the entertainment field.  

Martine was pleasantly surprised by the common language she quickly found with the art director. As a result, it became easier to manage the event organization process. 

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