Success Story

Operational and Optimization Audit

Jewish Family Services

“What seemed to be impossible before was made possible. The project got us past the fear of change and enabled forward motion.”

Tanya Demajo

 CEO of Jewish Family Services

“It was a great learning experience to see how an actual non-profit organization worked.”

Bachitar Singh

Volunteer Project Manager


Operational and Optimization Audit


Guided by the wisdom and values of our Jewish tradition, JFS’ mission is to deliver a continuum of social services to individuals and families of all ages and stages of life, supporting them to live healthy and productive lives. Our vision is to be a leader in the Jewish and broader communities, transforming the lives of individuals and families through quality services and innovative programming that responds to evolving community needs.


    The JFS mission goal is to deliver the best service possible with the resources at its disposal. It needs to understand the use of its resources as consumed with existing operational methods. The project did identify how resources are currently used and provided a baseline for future audits and improvement projects.


      1. Results of audit project were immediately put into practice

      2. Core of data was gained to enable future projects

      3. Volunteer PM had a great learning experience with business process in a new area