Success Story

Marpole Oakridge Family Place 
IT & Community Event Programs

“Our volunteer project manager has advanced us from the dark ages of financial reporting to the current day. Now the organization is at the professional level that it needs to be. We are very grateful for Stig and volunteers like Stig. We couldn’t even hire for this job, because we first needed to understand what needed to be done, and Stig helped us doing just that. Volunteer help like Stig’s is priceless and the ripple effect is endless.”

Tracy Howard

Executive Director, Marpole Oakridge Family Place

It was a pleasure to help. I had been looking for some time for an appropriate way to be of service.

Stig Lyren

Volunteer Project Manager


  1. Revamp the Accounting System (volunteer PM: Stig Lyren)
  2. 35th Anniversary Fundraiser Event (volunteer PM: Michelle Ricketts)


    The Marpole Oakridge Family Place provides a welcoming and relaxing environment for parents, caregivers and children to meet, socialize, play and learn. Family Place is a registered nonprofit organization with the goal of promoting family wellbeing. It offers to the community several drop-in activities and resources, such as arts & crafts, circle time, lending libraries for books, video and toys, potluck lunches and more. It also runs various workshops and programs, centred on the need of children up to 6 years old and their families. The new accounting system was put in place to the full satisfaction of the client.


      The accounting system project involved revamping their accounting and financial reporting system, which was out-dated and inadequate for their needs. The tasks included analyzing the existing accounting and financial reporting system and processes, recommending changes aimed at meeting the organization’s needs and generating an implementation plan and ensuring the successful introduction of the new system.

      The fundraiser event involved the full organization of the event, which was a full success! The benefits received by the organization were listed in the Lessons Learned report as the following:

      • New contacts for ongoing assistance
      • New funders/sponsors for ongoing fund development and assistance
      • Framework and plan template for future similar project
      • Establishes electronic database of previous contacts, clients and new contacts
      • EventBrite set up for ticket sales for previous events
      • Paid credit card device for future event /donation use
      • Relationship with PM