Volunteer Opportunity

Strategy Plan to Improve Community Service  



Parkgate Community Services Society



Closing Date

February 7th, 2023

Organization Mission

Parkgate Society is a registered, not-for-profit charitable organization providing programs and services to the Seymour and Deep Cove community. With a vision of a vibrant, connected community, Parkgate Society creates opportunities for people in our community to live life better. We support this vision through the development of a unique and diverse blend of accessible low-cost and no-cost programs and services, created in direct response to community needs; primarily serving children, youth, families, and seniors. We continually strive to find new opportunities to help us enhance or increase our community programs, community involvement, and community engagement.

Community-inspired • Community-supported • Community-driven

Project Summary

The project aims to conduct a community assessment considering the community east of the Seymour River, near Parkgate Community Centre, with the main goal to discover what unmet needs there are in the community that Parkgate Society may be able to address. The assessment should reveal possible options for new programs/services which can add greater value to the community. As a secondary goal the project should include a plan of raising awareness in the community about Parkgate Society. (www.parkgatesociety.ca)

The project manager shall provide a 5-year strategy plan in collaboration with the Parkgate team and based on the collected community feedback to build a road map to be executed in the next years to ensure a better and greater service to the community.

Project Objectives

  • Lead the Parkgate Team to gather feedback from the community
  • Build a strategy plan for the required assessment to be conducted in an appropriate time
  • Support and direct team throughout the process
  • Monitor and report on project progress to the project lead
  • Implement and manage change when necessary to meet project outputs


  • Experience/interest in community-based work and conducting community consultations.
  • Adaptability and ability to work throughout changes and to communicate the changes in a timely efficient manner
  • Excellent communication skills and diverse cultural empathy
  • Experience with surveys and the requirements for the gathering process would be desirable
  • Experience working with Non-Profit Organizations is preferred

Estimated Time Commitment

10-15 hours per month

Start Date: January 2023                                          End Date: June 2023

Scope of Work

Guide and direct the Parkgate Society team to put together a strategic plan to conduct a community assessment to build a 5-year roadmap and to plan the strategy to raise awareness of the organization along the way.


  • Define project scope, success criteria, and desired outcome in collaboration with the project lead
  • Define tasks and resources to collect the required information from people in the community
  • Provide an assessment strategy plan including a plan to raise awareness about the organization within the defined time frame
  • Address any issues and changes that might arise during the project
  • Present to stakeholders reports on progress as well as problems and solutions
  • Conduct lessons learned in cooperation with PM- volunteers


The PM volunteer will have end-end accountability on project deliverables, reporting to Director of Programs and Partnerships,


The Director of Programs and Partnerships will provide a letter of recommendation to the PM volunteer at the successful conclusion of the project and serve as a reference if appropriate.

How to Apply

Please use the form below to apply with a cover letter indicating why you are interested in supporting this project and why you feel your skill set and experience would make you a good match for this project, along with a detailed resume

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