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Organization Mission

PMV is a very unique initiative focusing on connecting nonprofit social purpose organizations and charities with volunteer project management professionals and building project management capability in the non-profit sector. We are making a positive impact, one project at a time.

Opportunity Description

PMV is organized into several groups, and the largest is Project Services. Team members interact directly with our nonprofit clients, responding to their inquiries, helping them define their projects, ensuring volunteer opportunities are widely circulated in the project management community, and supporting both volunteer project managers and nonprofit clients throughout the project lifecycle. The VP Project Services leads the Project Services team.

This is an opportunity to develop and practice leadership and management skills, with internal staff and external nonprofit organizations. Participation will build strong networking relationships and result in documentable career-enhancing achievements.

The VP Project Services is a senior PMV position.  The incumbent will interact with other PMV teams across the organization and will have an influential role in creating smooth operations  and a culture that fulfills our values.


Specific Functions

  • Project Services team coordination and supervision:
    • Supervises and supports the Client Relationship Managers, who work with the clients and the volunteer project managers shepherding the projects
    • Supervises and supports the lead for Advisory Services
    • Keeps the overview of all active projects including following up and addressing any issues or challenges that might arise
    • Ensures the project database is kept up-to-date by the team members
    • Ensures the team is sufficiently staffed including arranging for the onboarding of new team members
  • In some cases, works directly with nonprofit organizations:
    • Responds to inquiries by nonprofit organizations and conducts a first assessment (which assesses whether PMV can support)
    • Builds relationships with key clients
    • Leads efforts to actively seek out and develop project management volunteer opportunities with nonprofit organizations thus ensuring a steady stream of new leads
  • Interfacing with other PMV teams:
    • Contributes to the overall operation of PMV and to the PMV Core Team
    • Interfaces as required with the Executive Director and the other group team leads
    • Interfaces with the storytellers and provides leads of candidate projects for success stories
  • Interfacing with governance bodies:
    • Direct interaction with members of the Board of Directors as appropriate
    • Direct interaction with members of the Program Advisory Group as appropriate


  • Represents the Project Services team interests at the PMV management level
  • Guides team members in fulfilling the goals of Project Services
  • Serves as a key voice on PMV policies and strategies
  • Manages the leads list, following up and prompting, to get new projects started
  • Initiates special activities to connect with new nonprofits, or past clients, to provide them with PM support
  • Ensures the Project Services tools (PipelineDeals and SharePoint) are properly configured
  • Ensure the projects and clients data base (PipelineDeals) stays up-to-date and perform quality control on entries
  • Potential direct involvement in projects, special or otherwise
  • Provision of statistics as part of PMV’s projects performance dashboard measures
  • Participate in periodic meetings and/or teleconferences


    • Support nonprofit organizations to fulfill their missions and achieve more
    • Be part of a great team
    • Give back, with a strong sense of purpose
    • All privileges and benefits applicable to PMV’s Volunteers
    • For project managers required to collect PDUs, a certain amount of volunteering hours are applicable to PDUs


    • Solid knowledge and practical experience in project management
    • Experience managing and mentoring others
    • Motivated by the opportunity to help nonprofit organizations become more effective
    • Willing to invest around 20-40 hours per month (load varies month to month)



    Please apply with a cover letter indicating why you are interested in engaging with PMV and why you feel your skills set and experience would make you a good match for the VP Project Services position, along with a detailed resume, to: 

    Shawn Hawkins (shawn.hawkins@pmv.org)