Success Story


Enhancing Healthcare Together with SIDFP and PMV

“Our volunteer project manager has advanced us from the dark ages of financial reporting to the current day. Now the organization is at the professional level that it needs to be. We are very grateful for Stig and volunteers like Stig. We couldn’t even hire for this job, because we first needed to understand what needed to be done, and Stig helped us doing just that. Volunteer help like Stig’s is priceless and the ripple effect is endless.”

Glenn Alteen

It was a pleasure to help. I had been looking for some time for an appropriate way to be of service.

Michael Jackson

Volunteer Project Manager

Enhancing Healthcare Together with SIDFP and PMV

At Project Management Volunteers (PMV), we have the privilege of partnering with remarkable organizations that are making a difference in their communities. One such collaboration that truly embodies our mission is our work with the South Island Division of Family Practice (SIDFP). Let us take you on a journey through their inspiring story, made even brighter with the contributions of our dedicated volunteer project manager, Jeremy.

The South Island Division of Family Practice: A Beacon of Care

SIDFP is at the forefront of providing quality healthcare in our community. The purpose of the Division is to provide a unique, collaborative, and innovative approach to patient care through a tripartite relationship between the Division, the Ministry, and Island Health. Their collaborative and innovative approach to health care strengthens family practice and patient care in South Island communities.

    Empowering Innovation Through PMV

    SIDFP turned to Project Management Volunteers to assist them in creating unique, intuitive, and user-friendly tools. These tools played a pivotal role in helping their members identify valuable patterns and best practices that could be shared seamlessly across their clinics. The result? Enhanced efficiency and a new standard of excellence that extended not only to their members but also to the broader community they serve.

      Jeremy: The Project Management Dynamo

      In the heart of this transformative journey was Jeremy, our exceptional volunteer project manager. With his superior IT skills, Jeremy brought an unmatched level of dedication and positivity. His commitment to excellence consistently delivered efficiency and standardization, aligning perfectly with SIDFP’s goals.

        Work, Fun, and Jeremy: A Perfect Blend

        What truly sets this success story apart is the incredible synergy between Jeremy and the SIDFP team. Their collaboration was not just about achieving project milestones; it was about enjoying the journey. In the words of SIDFP, “I thoroughly enjoy working with Jeremy. He has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and we have had a lot of fun working on projects.”

        Jeremy’s enthusiasm and professionalism shone through in every project they undertook together. His presence added a touch of fun and camaraderie, making each interaction a delightful experience.

        In conclusion, the South Island Division of Family Practice and Jeremy’s collaboration is a testament to the power of teamwork and volunteerism. Together, they’ve not only improved healthcare practices but also enriched the lives of those involved.