Volunteer Opportunity

Early Learning Foundation Daycare  



Surrey Pentecostal Assembly



Closing Date

November 30, 2022

Organization Mission

“To glorify God by influencing the community around us with godly living. We do this through Bible centered worship gatherings, the empowering of small groups, embracing our community with love and partnering with you as you bring Jesus to your world.”

 Project Summary

 Surrey Pentecostal Assembly planned a children’s daycare program for 48 pre-school, infant toddler, and after-school care facility to serve their community, utilizing the church building’s basement level, which is approximately 1,500 square feet.  Although the church building is currently used for various programs like AA, music lessons, church services, youth programs during the week and senior programs as well, the project aims to utilize the facility even further to better serve the community.

The project will contain 2 phases: 

    • Phase 1: Permit and Design requirements and overall project plan including the budget estimation and required resources/vendors
    • Phase 2: Build out the facility and infrastructure to prepare for the opening of the day care

Phase 1 to be started asap and phase 2 can start based on phase one process with permit and planning.

This project seeks a project manager for the phase 1 and 2, in which the phase one to be started few months after phase 1 has started.

Project Objectives

Successful opening of an (Early Learning Foundation) daycare in 2023:

Phase 1: 

    • Hire an architect or engineering service to draw up the plans. The plans shall allow for the construction of 4 washrooms in the basement space, a designated spot (in the parking lot), that the city will allow for a small playground, taking away 4 to 5 parking stalls.
    • Receive approval for the proposed plan by the City of Surrey.
    • Putting in a request to Fraser Health for the funding of the construction project & getting their final approval.
    • Complete hiring process or a plumber & landscape company to complete the work.
    • Provide high level budget and hiring plan.

Phase 2:

    • Finalize the start-up cost to build out of the facility, and requesting these funds from Fraser Health,
    • Complete procurement (furnishings and equipment) and required constructions after receiving all permissions and licenses needed.
    • Hiring staff and plan the opening date.

Project Manager

    • Lead the team to identify/gather requirements (construction, permissions, licenses etc.).
    • Create detailed project plan including design solutions, resource need, timeline, and budget, in cooperation with the church members.
    • Support the hiring process and selection of suitable vendors.
    • Provide leadership to manage issues and escalations as needed.
    • Manage changes and provide mitigation plan.
    • Advise on development of project budget and schedule.
    • Coordinate responsibilities and ensure timely decisions.
    • Ensure proper documentations and communication plan is in place.
    • Review the plan with the team on regularly basis and implement required changes.

Required Qualifications

    • Strong strategic planning skills.
    • Experience with construction and buildings permit is desired.
    • Ability to set priorities and manage multiple activities in a changing environment.
    • Strong oral and written communication skills, and the ability to converse with various stakeholders.
    • Excellent decision-making and leadership capabilities.
    • Adaptability and ability to work well with diverse group of people including engineers, church volunteers and the member of the city.

Estimated Time Commitment

Minimum 10-15 hours per month (Project Management) for phase one,

Start Date: November/December 2022                                            End Date: November 2023 (Phase 1 and 2)

Scope of Work

Create a detailed project plan to enable the construction work and preparation to open the daycare.


    • Develop a detailed project plan including detailed budget, hiring plan and the timeline
    • Provide a list of required permission including quotes from all required contractors.
    • Develop detailed communication and change management plan.
    • Define project scope, success criteria and desired outcome.
    • Define tasks and required resources.
    • Create schedule and project timeline.
    • Address any issues and changes might arise during the project.
    • Keep track of overall progress, issues, and the accomplishment.
    • Monitor and assign resources appropriately to streamline project efficiency and maximize deliverable outputs.
    • Report project changes/or risks to the appropriate stakeholders as needed.
    • Conduct lessons learned in cooperation with PM- volunteers.
    • Ensure the successful opening if the daycare.


The PM volunteer will provide leadership to meet Surrey Pentecostal Assembly objectives. The PM volunteer will have end-end accountability on project deliverables, reporting to Larry L. Williams, SPA ELF Secretary and Darren Mann, SPA ELF Treasurer.

Benefit, working with a great team of people who are passionate about serving their community with nature in meaningful ways. Surrey Pentecostal Assembly will provide a letter of recommendation to the PM volunteer at the successful conclusion of the project and serve as a reference.

How to Apply

Please use the form below to apply with a cover letter indicating why you are interested in supporting this project and why you feel your skill set and experience would make you a good match for this project, along with a detailed resume 

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