PM Interview

South Vancouver Neighbourhood House 

Daniel Bakia 

Non-profit organizations typically do not possess the in-house skills and expertise needed to take advantage of current business practices and technology. This project focused on the development of an Intake Management System to help with the registration of clients, creation of programs, scheduling of sessions, management of cases, and reporting of services provided to program funders. 


Daniel assisted Volunteer Project Manager Sandi McConnach in providing business analysis and systems development services. “I enjoyed learning about how SVNH help their clients and developed an easy-to-use application to allow staff to plan, administer, and coordinate their work more efficiently and effectively. This enabled staff to focus more of their time with clients on achieving favorable outcomes.”


Daniel said he welcomed the opportunity to volunteer his time in the non-profit sector and appreciated the positive feedback and enthusiasm for the system. “As an immigrant to Canada, I’m glad to be able to help make life easier for newcomers!”

Interview by Nataliia Zarudnieva

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