PM Interview

South Vancouver Neighbourhood House 

Sandi McConnagh 

Sandi grew up in the South Vancouver area and was always willing to support community. Therefore, she decided to seize the opportunity to help South Vancouver Neighbourhood House (SVNH) build a new information system that would allow the community to grow.


As a Volunteer Project Manager, she was responsible for coordinating a computerized system for compiling accurate and timely reports. In the process of developing this system, the organization was able not only to establish reporting but also to gain knowledge of how to manage its clients and program sessions. Sandi believes this project enabled the nonprofit organization to spend more time on people and the community rather than compiling reports.


As a project manager, Sandi stressed the importance of managing scope and expectations and that the best way to build consensus is to weigh and manage all stakeholder input as it is received. Sandi’s curiosity allows her to find and demonstrate  value to people not only in projects but also in life.

Interview by Nataliia Zarudnieva

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