Atusa Aschury

Atusa Aschury

Job Title: Client Relations Manager

Their Story:

Since 2012, Atusa has volunteered as a Client Relations Manager at PMV. She acts as the main point of connection between volunteer project managers and NFP organizations.

Atusa’s advice is to be devoted to helping your community and passionate to be a part of a great, visionary team.

Atusa thinks that managing profit and non-profit projects is completely different. Profit projects focus on being fast and on budget. Non-profit projects place less pressure on people in meeting time, scope and budget.

Atusa’s philosophy is to see opportunities rather than constraints in any situation.

If Atusa could be a superhero, her power would be the ability to read people’s minds. As a project manager, she believes that this power would help to understand and manage people efficiently.

Bill Gates is the person Atusa admires because he is a bright-minded and forward thinker.


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July 14, 2020