Bill Scott

Bill Scott

Job Title: Operations

Their Story:

Watching people’s realization of their potential and hearing his daughter play in her band are the things that make Bill smile. He is a passionate PMV volunteer who offers leadership development and strategic planning experience to non-profits. Bill is full of ideas and is well known for his ability to generate a wealth of them. His ideation talent offers PMV Clients many ways to leverage project management support.

Bill volunteers to make our community a better place for friends and family. He believes the strength of a community comes from the people who can contribute to it. He appreciates his successes and feels giving back strengthens our society. Bill has more than 25 years of executive leadership experience to draw from the everyday. From training to leading, to consulting for both the profit and nonprofit sectors, Bill cares tremendously about his work with PMV.

Bill credits his leadership mantra to his favourite quote. He lives by Peter Drucker’s message that, “The task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths in ways that make a system’s weaknesses irrelevant.”


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July 14, 2020