Cyprian Libera

Cyprian Libera

Job Title: Customer Relationship

Their Story:

If Cyprian could be a superhero, he would definitely use his mind. He believes there is nothing more powerful than human intelligence. Cyprian deals with Customer Relationships at PMV. His favourite part of volunteering is the first meeting with a client. During the first conversation, he always tries to identify the problem of the non-profit client. Cyprian believes that a correctly acknowledged problem is key to success.

The main advice by Cyprian for prospective PMV members is to enjoy talking to people because it will help to understand their problems and find a solution. Also, according to Cyprian, it is very important to be able to measure the problem. Thus, it is easier to reveal its primary sources and the desired outcomes.

Cyprian thinks that the distinct feature of non-profit projects is the end result which is not about profit. Also, Cyprian enjoys dedicated people he meets at PMV. These people are serious about what they are doing in volunteering.


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July 14, 2020