Dick Ballard

Dick Ballard

Job Title: Operations & Finance

Their Story:

Dick is an energetic, giving, and compassionate individual who found PMV in early 2020. As a Customer Relationship Manager, he is responsible for PMV client outreach. Why is this role critical? Because it enables nonprofit organizations to accomplish their goals. Dick volunteers to give back. He feels blessed in his fortune and wants to recognize that by helping our greater society.

Dick’s professional profile is long and diverse. It includes inspecting construction lines for BC Hydro, financial marketing, and small business counselling. He led a software company, opened his own lock distribution business, and completed his business career as an investment advisor/financial planner. Dick brings his inquisitiveness and helpful nature to all interactions. He credits being pleasant, being a good listener, and asking lots of questions as essential skills in his CRM role.

The person Dick admires most is his wife because of her strength and common sense. In his current retirement, he is eager to get out on their sailboat and spend more time with his new granddaughter. When asked about what he is looking forward to next, Dick is enthusiastic for any opportunity to learn something new. For him, the unknown is the most exciting part. He believes that “life is short, try a lot of different things.”


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July 14, 2020