Heba Rezk

Heba Rezk

Job Title: Customer Relationship Manager

Their Story:

Do you always know what your organization lacks to become better? Heba knows because she is a Project Manager in a software company. She volunteers as a Customer Relationship Manager at PMV. Also, she helps nonprofits to evaluate their activity to identify the necessary goals that should be fulfilled. Heba enjoys supporting and mentoring nonprofits through her extensive project management expertise.

Heba recommends potential volunteers to balance volunteering time and professional work time. Thus, you can avoid scheduling failure.

Volunteering at PMV enables people not only to exchange their knowledge but also to provide help in personal aspects.

For example,Heba believes that active listening is essential. If you can reflect on others’ feelings, you will succeed.

The only heroes Heba admires are hard-working people. This trait creates a good image which is valuable nowadays.


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July 14, 2020