Natalia Boyd

Natalia Boyd

Job Title: Project Manager

Their Story:

Natalia described herself as a persistent and passionate Project Management professional. That is why she has been a PMV member since 2019. Natalia works as a Project Coordinator at BC Hydro.

As a volunteer in Operations, Natalia enjoys having an opportunity to learn new technologies. Also, she appreciates collaborating on projects that benefit PMV and bring value to the community.

Natalia often feels inspired by reading positive feedback from nonprofits on the PMV website.

Natalia’s advice for prospective PMV volunteers is to embrace the fast pace and continuous growth of this organization. She believes that volunteering helps people to develop soft and technical skills. It enables them to see different perspectives on things.

The distinctive feature of managing non-profit projects is to have a passion for delivering value to the community. It is not about gaining profit, it is about feeling happiness from helping people.

Natalia’s favourite quote is “Impossible is nothing”. She truly believes that in life there is no goal impossible to achieve.


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July 14, 2020