Pietro Widmer

Pietro Widmer

Job Title: VP of Project Services

Their Story:

Pietro Widmer is a classical music lover and an outdoor enthusiast with a life that a filmmaker would want to capture in a documentary.  He is a life-long learner who has a giving heart to share his knowledge with people of all ages. Though he travelled broadly, lived in places others would envy, he would still choose Vancouver as home if given the choice. As VP of Project Services, Pietro donates to PMV his time and expertise. He gained deep operational and engineering experience from nearly three decades of work at MDA, an innovator in the Space and Defence sector. 2021 marks Pietro and PMV’s ten year anniversary. Pietro has organized a growing Project Services team since joining. His team of Client Relationship Managers guides the end-to-end PMV engagement process. Pietro responds to non-profits inquiries, assesses project management needs, administers and supervises engagements, and measures outcomes. He is also a member of the PMV Board.

Most recently, he introduced Advisory Services at PMV. This arm of Project Services provides non-profit organizations with project management advice and mentorship. It is said that mentoring is “a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction” which is why it is fitting that Pietro leads this function. He looks back fondly at an early PMV volunteering role. It was providing mentorship before the Advisory Services program was even established. He mentored a novice project manager at the Collingwood Neighbourhood House. He steered the team to acquire planning skills that remain relevant today. 

Pietro had no hesitation in sharing why he volunteers. He does it for the love of learning and creating a positive impact in the nonprofit world. The reward for his dedication is the chance to work with clients and volunteers who care deeply about making a difference. If you’re looking to volunteer with PMV, his advice is insightful. Pietro suggests that you mostly listen and speak rarely in every interaction. That you put yourself in another person’s shoes. Last, you introduce project management slowly. ‘Nail that and you could achieve quite a bit,’ Pietro advised.


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July 14, 2020