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Are you a project manager who wants to volunteer to lead a project (or partner with someone else to support a project together)

Volunteering to share your professional skills, knowledge and experience can broaden your experience, create meaningful engagement in the community, and expand your professional network and career opportunities. Plus, you can earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) through your service upon application to the Project Management Institute (PMI). We work with nonprofits to define the specific requirements of each project and then post them as Opportunities that project managers can volunteer for depending on your interests and availability. The nonprofits are responsible for interviewing and selecting final candidates as well as the terms of engagement (projects generally receive multiple applications). Once a project manager has been selected PMV takes an oversight role throughout the project, ensuring expectations are clear at the project launch, conducting a mid-term review to ensure it is on track, and facilitating a “lessons learned” completion report at the conclusion of the project. If you would like to have opportunities sent to you when they are posted, click the orange button below.

Current Opportunities 

Testimonial – VPM 3

“Volunteering in a PMV sponsored project was a great opportunity for me to grow on the field of project management as well as event management while contributing to a passionate cause. PMV opened a door for me to instantly engage in this new career which I am now transitioning to, and I am very grateful for the work you have done. Couldn’t have found a warmer environment to acquire and test new skills like at Children’s Organ Transplant society.”

Gabriela Vorraber

Testimonial – VPM 2

“It was great working with a non-profit organization, and everything went pretty well. I helped on preparing training materials, assisting volunteer training session and producing promotional videos.”

Andrea Wenting L

Testimonial – VPM 1

“Project Management principles gave us the structure needed to respectfully have the tough discussions to move forward together, stronger, and on the same page.”

Susan Hancock